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Introduction to sickness compensation claims

Are you one of the thousands of people who have had a holiday spoiled by illness? Being sick on holiday is an all too common problem, resulting in days wasted feeling unwell and sick days off work on your return.

Too many have been disappointed by holidays from hell instead of what should have been a great time away with friends or family. If you’ve suffered, we can help with your holiday sickness claim and you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you were ill on holiday as a result of poor food standards or general hygiene, Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U can help you make a claim for compensation.

  • Guaranteed ‘No win, no fee’ & no upfront fees

Quick, easy, and there’s nothing to pay to find out if you’re entitled to holiday illness compensation.

  • Access to specialist holiday claims solicitors

We have qualified solicitors ready to take on your claim, so even if you don’t know your rights, we can help.

  • Travel advisory line and friendly team available

Track the progress of your claim as we seek compensation for your holiday complaints

Holiday Compensation Rights

The Package Travel Regulations Act 1992 is set out to protect your rights. It’s more than likely that you are covered by this if you booked a package or all-inclusive holiday through a UK tour operator. Our solicitors can put forward claims for compensation for a package holiday using a number of pieces of legislation and package holiday regulations.

If you were taken ill on board a cruise ship, you may be covered by The Athens Convention 1974. These regulations strictly impose the rights of British tourists stating that the tour operator is responsible for all elements of your package holiday. So you can rest assured your transport, accommodation and food whilst on holiday are all covered by British legislation.

The most common holiday compensation claims

How can Holidays Sickness Claims 4 U help?

With us, holiday illness compensation claims are taken seriously and handled quickly and efficiently. If you’re unsure how to complain about a holiday, just give us a call. Once you fill in our simple holiday claim form, we can begin the process.

Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U keep things straightforward so you only need to answer a few questions and we do all the work. Having assisted in thousands of sick holiday compensation cases, our holiday solicitors know exactly how to get every penny of compensation you are entitled to claim.

As well as our risk-free, ‘no win, no fee’ approach with no initial costs to you whatsoever, you’ll also have access to specialist holiday compensation solicitors, holiday travel claims team, and the option to add additional friends or family members to your claim.

How to claim compensation for holiday sickness?

It’s really easy to begin your holiday sickness entitlement claim. We ask a few questions about you, any additional claimants and any relevant holiday package details. We’ll then assess your claim for holiday compensation, how much depends on the individual circumstances of each case.

Once you complete your sickness claim form, our holiday compensation lawyers will submit a formal claims letter to the tour operator. Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U does all the paperwork, chases, and keeping track of your claim, so it’s completely hassle-free for you. We’re with you every step of the way, even if it’s not a straightforward win for your holiday compensation, small claims court, legal action, more paperwork, we’ll take care of it on your behalf. Upon winning a claim, we would then send you a settlement amount as soon as an agreement is reached with the tour operator.

With our straightforward claims process, there is no upfront fee required, and you’ll never pay anything unless your holiday compensation claim form is successful.

Which resort were you staying in?

Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U accepts claims for holiday packages in a wide number of countries. 

Making a claim for compensation for holiday sickness abroad is possible no matter where your holiday package took you to in the world.

We have a list of holiday illness hotspots and other guests staying in your resort may have made similar claims. Unexplained illness on your return could be the result of inferior food or hygiene standards in your holiday resort so a claim is worth exploring.

Is your holiday claim covered by the legislation? Give us a call today to find out.

Think you may be entitled to claim holiday compensation?

Sick while on holiday:

  • Take photos of the premises, your accommodation, food, and anything you suspect may have caused your sickness.
  • Request vouchers (you are entitled to these)

On your return:

  • Make a list of any relevant information that might assist your claim
  • Keep originals and copies of all travel documentation, tickets & vouchers, photos, receipts, and any other evidence

Even the smallest piece of information or evidence can be crucial for holiday complaint claims.

If you or a member of your travel party become ill, it is very important to record everything you can remember from the days surrounding the first signs of sickness. Begin gathering evidence, as this can often be the difference between a successful and declined claim.

Notify your holiday representative in the resort and speak with anyone in the hotel that has shown similar signs of sickness. Exchange contact information and keep this with your records. Keep copies of any original paperwork, request copies of any doctor or hospital records, and make notes based on any verbal communication from your tour operator.

Always keep records in case holiday illness claims are necessary

Tickets, vouchers, letters and any other correspondence you receive from your tour operator are all helpful when building a strong case for holiday sickness claims. Make sure to request copies of any doctor or hospital records. Where possible, make copies of everything or use your phone to photograph and email yourself duplicates.

Photographs can help claim compensation for holiday problems

If you had a holiday ruined by illness, take photos and videos of anything you suspect may have been the cause. Images of undercooked food, unsanitary or poor conditions in accommodation, a contaminated swimming pool, hotel staff not washing their hands, etc. can all be used as evidence.

Notify your tour operator and contact us immediately

Notify your holiday representative in the resort and ask for a copy of their report. Make notes based on any verbal communication from your tour operator. It may also be worth speaking with other guests in the hotel that have shown similar signs of sickness. Exchange contact information and keep this with your records.

Holiday compensation advice

The more information you can give us, the more likely you are to have a successful claim. Contact us to find more about the types of evidence we can use in building sick holiday claims.

How do I know if I have a claim?

In the thousands of successful claims where we’ve helped get compensation paid out, there have been common factors. Those who have a legal right to compensation tend to fall into these situations:

  • Booked a package or all-inclusive holiday through a UK tour operator and within the last three years.
  • Illness had a genuine impact on the holiday
  • Sickness began during the holiday and lasted for more than two days.
  • Records were maintained at the time including travel documentation, correspondence with tour provider, proof of medication administered or hospital visits, or evidence of other guests suffering from similar symptoms in the same resort.

Our holiday illness compensation experience

How to complain about a holiday

The reason we have helped process thousands of successful holiday complaint claims is because we have a team of experts who help claimants get the compensation they deserve every day. Our holiday sickness helpline team can take your details and help establish whether you have a claim. The speediest way to get your claim settled is to have it processed by our specialist team. Our solicitors are up-to-date with all relevant legislation and holiday sickness data to progress your claim as quickly as possible for you.

We don’t use a holiday compensation calculator because we know every case is individual and we’re here to ensure you get the best holiday sickness payout possible. Every single claim submitted to us is reviewed and handled by our qualified solicitors. We’ve helped get holiday compensation for illness in thousands of cases for people just like you.

Will I need to go to court?

The vast majority of claims are settled without court proceedings and even those that do progress or require a contested trial it is unlikely you would be asked to attend. In some cases if a negotiated settlement cannot be determined by both parties it may be necessary.

We’ll take you through the holiday sickness claims criteria list and match you with one of our holiday compensation lawyers. With Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U, you have years of experience and knowledge working on your behalf.

We’ve gone through every stage of the claims process with excellent results for our customers. Our years of experience mean we are ready for every single eventuality. You can rely on our helpful, friendly and responsive team of highly trained representatives to start your claim. For more holiday claims advice, give us a call today.

Why choose Holiday Sickness Claims 4 U?

The simplest way to claim for sickness on holiday

If you were sick whilst on holiday or have been feeling sick after traveling abroad, you could be entitled to sick holiday compensation. After a spell of illness the last thing anyone needs is lots of admin and phone calls chasing up holiday companies for a response to a complaint. Putting pressure on big named travel companies can seem like a daunting challenge but we’re more than equipped.

We have a proven and historical track record in successful claims. We also understand it can be a stressful time so our claims process is simple and straightforward. It’s absolutely risk-free and there is no obligation to claim.

Which tour operator was responsible?

Our highly experienced solicitors have settled claims for our customers from recognised and independent package holiday companies including Airtours, Co-operative Travel, First Choice, Jet2, Monarch, TUI, Thomas Cook, and Thomson.